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We talk together about how you can sustainably increase your sales. (Whether through new customers or optimization of your backend).

IMPORTANT #1: The call is not about me going through a mindless sales script with you and selling something with pressure at the end.... nor is it about me giving you 60 minutes of free consulting.

We look together at your current state and what you want to achieve, I share with you initial suggestions and when WE BOTH feel we are a good fit, we talk about how we can work together.

IMPORTANT #2: It's important to me that you sell something that has a certain social relevance, both in terms of quality and content. It doesn't matter if the product is physical, digital or whatever. However, if your goal is to "get rich quick", teach people how to "make a quick buck", or resell what I teach you, you are hereby disqualified.

IMPORTANT #3: Working with me requires an investment. Both time and money. I only do (with a few exceptions) projects with a minimum duration of 3 months (results require time). In the past, clients have invested up to 50.000€ per year to work with me. Depending on your goal and project, you have to expect at least 2.500€ per month. If this is not in your budget, please refrain from applying.

If you are still reading now and are not deterred you can book your workshop session here:

Listen to what my consulting clients have to say about me...


These are all real customers of mine who share their real opinions. No one was paid or instructed.


I can't guarantee you any results. They all worked for their results and really earned them!


These successes require you to make things happen. This only works if we understand each other, and that's what the free workshop session is for.

"The invisible structure tripled my conversion rate."

"I worked with Daniel to revamp my 7 Day Challenge. The challenge is free and attracts prospects for my weight loss coaching. After initial difficulties, we were able to triple the conversion rate from 1.3% to 3.9% by rebuilding with more focus on what Daniel calls the "invisible structure". With additional optimized Facebook ads, the funnel is now more than highly profitable."

"I've been working with Daniel for almost a year now and can wholeheartedly recommend his work and the resulting results."

Nicole Lange
- Founder Gesundheitsbox

“Daniels strategies work..."

"I now work with Daniel on several projects. Across all projects, the results have been outstanding.

Examples would be doubling the opt-ins on our Fairment blog. 80% increase in conversion rate for attending our digital summit and setting up new customer funnels (ROI>2.5) as well as backend funnels to increase Customer Lifetime Value. Our Google Ads run more or less on autopilot with a 9.8 ROAS No matter what question I have, he can answer it AND even better, he knows how we can improve it ASAP."

Leon Benedens
- Founder Fairment

"Successfully advised dozens of clients. Including me!"

"I have been working with Daniel since 2017. He was our Marketing Lead for 6 months and built the Wild Audience 2.0 Funnel together with me. In the meantime, he is our Head Coach and advises our clients worldwide. His ability to see the big picture and to understand and conceptualize the strategies and principles behind all the marketing tactics is unique. This in turn leads to real results for both Wild Audience and our clients. He has now built or optimized funnels for over 40 clients.

A few client results: Cost per lead cut in half. Built Funnel with ROI > 5.6, Built Complete Backend Strategy that tripled Customer Lifetime Value. Restructured business models and finally built a funnel with 22X ROI".

Bastian Ernst
- Founder Wild Audience

"Made myy marketing tangible".

"At some point I was overwhelmed by all the possibilities and ways to do online marketing and came to Daniel with it. He was able to show me in real record time where just the biggest levers are to increase my sales and simply break them down and make them workable. With this newfound clarity, I was able to better tailor my funnel to my target audience and noticeably increase my sales. If you have the chance to work with Daniel, you should take it!"

Michael Beutel
- Founder Geldanlage-Digital

"Building multiple online business with over 40,000 organic visitors monthly & selling digital products & services."

Since 2017 I built multiple online businesses myself. This was done from scratch (bootstrapped). I not only to teach other people how to generate more customers and do proper online marketing....

But I do it for myself.

My websites in different niches have several thousand happy customers and the number is still increasing.

Are you ready to increase your sales?

I look forward to being able to advise you personally very soon!

Within this 30 to 45 minute conversation, I will work out a strategy for you to drastically increase your sales with your offer in the future.

As you have seen on this page, you would not be the first person who has succeeded with my help. Book your free workshop now!

Daniel "See you in the workshop" Wulf